i am over-encumbered and i cant move please help reply soon

when the first number gets bigger than the second number you are over-encumbered and must drop things, or drink a strength increasing potion
to move

can you ride your horse when overencumbered?

correct, you can't mount the horse while you're over-encumbered

the horse isn't over-encumbered, just you

the regular plugin has an encumbrance limit that is 2 times the health of a horse.

i have tried for quite a while and unless there's a body or a chest/box/drum/etc. within reach u cannot un-encumber yourself which means you are now stuck, you cannot walk because your too heavy to even move and u cant get rid of everything. now i'm gonna get flamed for this but i tried and i CANNOT find a way to throw away something i just can't.

i have 535 Encumberance, and only use around 300 of it as it is

it doesnt matter if you become over-encumbered, you wont have to move.